Brittany Festival Team

Opportunity Overview

TEAM SIZE: 4 students
GENDER: No Preference

Rather than brief, transactional encounters, we aim to use common interests – like the arts and sports – to drive connections with people. Through prayer, hospitality, service, our words, and just hanging out, we aim to share the fullness of the Gospel and God’s love for the world. We value authentic relationships as the medium for spiritual conversations and our goal is introducing people to Jesus. Because of the Post-Christian nature of Europe, this process is outward-focused, creative, relational and generally much more time-intensive than many other parts of the world.

The Festival Interceltique in Lorient, Brittany (France) is a large festival, which began in 1971. It is designed to to celebrate all things Celtic, and all the Celtic nations are represented at the event. Of course, the host nation/culture, the Bretons, feature prominently in these celebrations. There are numerous musical events, as well as Celtic art and traditions, including classes for the language (Breton) and other educational events.

The Festival Interceltique has grown over the years to attract many thousands of people from all over the world, but especially the Celtic nations themselves. This team would use the opportunity to develop relationships with those in attendance (with special emphasis on the Brezhonegerien, Breton-speaking Breton people) moving toward spiritual conversations. Additionally, as this is the first time that we’ve fielded a team to serve at the Festival Interceltique, we would ask this team to be very observant and think creatively about possible outreach options and ideas for future teams, who would come and make connections at the Festival Interceltique. These ideas/suggestions/observations will prove invaluable as we plan future projects of this nature in Brittany.

LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS (before arrival on-field): English and at least Conversational French


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